Our lightweight heavyweight - real portable power!

Packing more power on the water doesn't mean you have to drag a heavy outboard onto your boat. The lightweight F9.9 is perfectly portable and a comfortable-to-use, integrated carrying handle helps too.

Discover the joys of whisper-quiet operation and superb fuel economy, blended with our smooth, reliable 4-stroke power. Yamaha's CDI Ignition System means reliable, first-time start-up, so combined with the twist-grip throttle and F-N-R gear system, easy, safe handling is the result.

This lightweight engine has many talents that make it ideal for tender duties, fishing or family fun. Of course, if you use your boat as a reliable work partner, then the F8 is the perfect match. 


2 545.00 €

Garantii 5 aastat
Mootor 4-takti, 2-silindrit
Kubatuur 212 cm³
Võimsus 9,9hj (7,3kW) @ 5500rpm
Jahutus vesi
Toitesüsteem karburaator
Starter manuaalne (MH) / elektriline (E)
Juhtimine rumpel (MH) / distants (E)
Käigud F/N/R
Jala trimm manuaalne
Voolu väljavõte 12V - 6A lisavarustusena
Jala pikkus S:431mm / L:558mm
Kütusepaak -
Lisa kütusepaak 12L + voolik standardis
Mootori kaal koos propelleriga F9.9JMHS: 40.0 kg / F9.9JMHL: 41.0 kg / F9.9JES:42.0 kg / F9.9JEL:43.0 kg

Teid aitab müügikonsultant:

Lauri Lill Tel: +372 5016673 / e-mail: lauri@yamaha.ee
Ott Kopti Tel:+372 55537333 / e-mail: ott@yamaha.ee
Gregor Kaares Tel: 5279468 / e-mail: gregor@yamaha.ee

F9,9JMHL - 2640€
F9,9JEL - 2930€


  • Värvitud mootorikaan
  • Tugev ja vastupidav rumpel
  • Mugav käiguvahetus rumpli küljest
  • Saadaval testitulemused kütuse kulu ja kiiruse kohta erinevate paatidega
  • Palju erinevaid mudeleid
  • Over-rev limiter
  • Lighting coil fitted as standard
  • Audible warning of low oil pressure
  • Ergonomic shift lever on the tiller handle
  • Extra resting pad for convenient vertical storage
  • Easy-fold tiller design for storage & portability
  • Large comfortable-to-use carry handle
  • Shallow Water Drive for cruising close inshore
  • Compact and efficient engine design
  • Remarkable power and impressive torque
  • Fresh water flushing system
  • Start-in-gear' protection system