Taking ATV racing to the next level.

Serious racers will tell you that the Yamaha YFZ450R is the clear favourite with winning riders. Its sharp-handling chassis and ultra-responsive 450cc engine have made it today's number one racing ATV. Nothing else comes close.

A race-bred assist and slipper clutch gives more precise control over corner entry speed for quicker lap times - while the race-bred engine delivers superfast throttle response and hard-hitting high rpm power for holeshot-winning performance.

Sharp-designed bodywork gives the rider space to shift the bodyweight during cornering or hard accleration. And the lightweight piggyback shocks make for razor-sharp handling!


11 088.00 €

Garantii 3 kuud
Mootor 4-takti, 1-silinder, 5-klappi
Kubatuur 449cc
Jahutus vedelik
Toitesüsteem sissepritse
Starter elektriline
Ülekanne / käike kett / 5-käiku
Pidurid ees / taga hüdr. ketaspidurid / hüdr. ketaspidur
Veovalem 2x4
Rehvid ees / taga 21x7-10 / 20x10-9
Mõõdud PxLxK 1830 x 1240 x 1095mm
Istme kõrgus 810mm
Roolivõimendi -
Teljevahe 1270mm
Kütusepaak 18L
Täiskaal 184kg
Kliirens 288mm

Teid aitab - müügikonsultant
Gregor Kaares +372 5279468
Lauri Lill +372 5016673
Ott Kopti +372 55537333


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