VK Professional II EPS 2021a

Total snow-domination. For serious professionals.

This iconic model, renowned for its premium performance & comfort, has Electric Power Steering with recalibrated front suspension geometry, confirming it as the world's finest utility snowmobile.

The large 1049cc EFI engine, with its great power and torque, is combined with specially calibrated CVT settings to give smooth operation, easy hauling and a seemingly endless supply of power. The unique engine and airbox configuration allowed the whole body - from the front hood and seating to the fuel tank and windscreen - to be designed for optimum rider ergonomics and comfort.

Choose the tough, sure-footed handling of the latest VK Professional II – and dominate the snow.


15 640.00 €

Garantii 2 aastat
Mootor 4-takti, 3-silindrit
Kubatuur 1049cc
Võimsus 130hj
Jahutus vedelik
Turbo -
Toitesüsteem sissepritse
Starter elektriline
Roolivõimendi EPS
Ülekanne / käike variaator / automaat / aeglusti - reevers
Amordikäik: ees / taga 161 / 287mm
Vedrustus / amordid ees Independent, Double Wishbone / Hydraulic, Gas Cell
Vedrustus / amordid taga ProComfort w/Flip Up Rails / KYB, 40 mm Piston, H.P.G. center & rear
Suuskade vahe 990mm
Lint / mõõdud LxPxK Camoplast Cobra WT / 500x3923x38mm
Roolivõimendi -
Mõõdud PxLxK 3270x1165x1460mm
Esitulede võimsus / tüüp 60/55W halogeen x2
Kütusepaak 44,6L

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