Cross 62BR Q edition + F115BETX

The more than 6-metre-long boat combines an aluminium hull with a GRP deck. It offers good space for seven persons and is equally at home in day cruising, water sports, coastal connections and commuting.

The boat handles extremely well and runs steadily even in adverse weather. Owing to its sporty nature, it is also a great companion for water sports. With the maximum recommended engine power provided by a 130-hp Yamaha outboard, the boat attains a top speed of about 38 knots.

The Yamarin Cross 62 Bow Rider’s sleek wraparound windshield provides ample protection from wind for both the helmsman and the passengers in the back. A generously dimensioned open space at the back of the boat features a good-sized cushioned seat in “U” shape. With the table available as an optional accessory, this space easily transforms into a comfortable sun bed. Additional seating can be found at the bow.


43 040.00 €

Garantii 2 aastat
Pikkus 6,15m
Laius 2,29m
Kaal 875kg
Sõitjate arv 7
Soovituslik mootori võimsus 100hj-130hj
Jala pikkus X
Kategooria C

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